Android Performance Case Study Follow-up – Romain Guy

Another performance case study by Romain Guy. Full with references to tools and tips.

Android Performance Case Study Follow-up


Publish to Google Play – Continuous Delivery for Android (part 4) – stable/kernel Blog

Continuous delivery is very common for web applications but has always been a challenge for mobile applications. This solution uses Triple-T gradle-play-publisher to upload APKs directly to Google Play’s Alpha channel. Nice.

Quick Look Debugging – NSHipster

Lastly a short review of Xcode Quick Look option and how to (quickly) add custom quick looks for your classes.

Android Graphics Pipeline: From Button to Framebuffer (Part 2) | inovex Blog

A very detailed review of the Android drawing process. Part 1 is also interesting.

Android Graphics Pipeline: From Button to Framebuffer (Part 2)


A must read (and print). Tips and tricks for Xcode. You probably know some/most of them but there is a good chance that you’ll find at least one handy trick.

Java Memory Model Pragmatics

A long talk about Java memory model pragmatics. I admit I’m only half way but I’m already very impressed. This is the kind of stuff that will grow your skills. Not only for Java developers.

Android UI Automated Testing

This post from Google’s testing blog lists strategies to testing Android application. Short and useful.

Layout Editor (Ep 3, Android Studio)

Short video with mostly basic stuff but wait for the last tip: overriding values for design time only using “tools:” attributes. This is really neat and solves a couple of annoying problems.