iOS – Activity Tracing

A nice post about Activity tracing.


A simple, decentralized dependency manager for Cocoa

Carthage is a new dependency manager for Cocoa. It’s main advantage over CocoaPods is that it’s not creating/changing the Xcode workspace.

Crash Fast: Square’s approach to Android crashes

A 20 minutes video on collecting and analyzing Android crashes from real users. It includes some basic information and a few nice ideas to improve the process of analyzing crash reports. I liked the idea to attach the complete view hierarchy (as text) to every crash.

Android’s 10 Millisecond Problem: The Android Audio Path Latency Explainer

I’m familiar with Android latency problem for a while. This post covers the full path of the audio signal, starting from the analog components through the driver and up to the application.

ReactiveCocoa Tutorial – The Definitive Introduction: Part 1/2

Seems like there is a lot of hype around ReactiveCocoa these days. This tutorial shows how to convert a log-in screen to use ReactiveCocoa signals. It includes source code and step by step instructions.

ReactiveCocoa Tutorial – The Definitive Introduction: Part 1/2

Lessons Learned in Software Development

One of the best lists of lessons learned I read. Almost everything in this list is well known but its still worth reading. Among the best: “Change one thing at a time” and “Assume no coincidences”.
Lessons Learned in Software Development

The Log File Navigator (Mac and Linux)

An advanced log file viewer for the small-scale. Sometimes you need to work with logs files and maybe do some processing on them. This is a great tool for that. Gone are the days of loading log files in text editors?

Android Performance – Udacity

A new Udacity course by Google. The videos are brief and to the point. It covers the most common performance issues, how to detect and analyze these issues and how to solve them. All the information in this course is already available online in different forms but the course makes it very easy to learn the basics of Android performance.

Notes taken while looking into memory issues on low-RAM devices

These year old notes include a lot of handy details about memory management on Android. In the beginning expect details on how the Android OS manages memory across processes followed by methods to analyze memory usage and tips on how to implement the memory warnings callbacks in your app.

Video Toolbox and Hardware Acceleration

This post explains Apples low-level API for encoding and decoding videos (Video Toolbox). It starts with some necessary background and follows with specific details about the C structs and values used with Video Toolbox.