When to Avoid Libraries

The decision to import a new library is often taken without putting a lot of thought into it. This post describes what we should keep in mind when using an external library. Including common examples.


Reducing FOOMs in the Facebook iOS app

A great walkthrough by Facebook on what they did to reduce the number of out of memory issues in the Facebook iOS app.

Get Your App Ready for iOS 9

iOS 9.0 brings many new things, this “how to adopt” guide deals with: new font, new SafariViewController, the App Transport Security guidelines, Swift Whole Module Optimization and the new Low Power Mode.

A small leak will sink a great ship

More on memory issues, this one is from Square describing how they analyzed and fixed a memory leak in the Picasso library. One interesting discovery was that prior to Android Lollipop, alert dialogs may cause memory leaks in your Android apps.

Streamlining Android Apps Tech Talks

2 tech talks from Square. The first video, by Jake Wharton, is a must. He reviews a few code samples, suggests improvements and the best part is that he spells out the pros and cons for every improvement. (Includes some basic info on how the Java VM implements method calls).

Thread Scheduling in Android

A short and to-the-point post about Threads scheduling in Android. Don’t miss: if you create your own Threads or ExecutorServices you might need to change the default priority.

Perfect smooth scrolling in UITableviews

This is a (very) deep dive into scrolling in UITableview. A lot of different techniques are demonstrated (I don’t like all of them) and some tips on how to “debug” slow rendering using the simulator.
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Autolayout Breakpoints

One of those tricks that you just need to know. How to setup a symbolic breakpoint in Xcode to catch the UnsatisfiableConstraints issues and how to debug them.