HandlerThreads and why you should be using them in your Android apps

A great post on how and when to use HandlerThreads. As the author mentions, this utility class is not very well documented but it can be useful in many use cases.
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Android Studio for Experts (Android Dev Summit 2015)

A video from the Android Dev Summit. The first 30 minutes are full with tips and tricks for Android Studio. Must watch!

How I got better at debugging

I think that debugging is hard for all new developers. Especially if the problem isn’t easy and it takes hours or days. This short story conveys the message that after some practice, debugging is easier and sometimes even more challenging and rewarding than writing stuff from scratch.

Optimizing Facebook for iOS start time

Another great read from the Facebook engineering blog. This time it’s on how they approached the challenge of optimizing the iOS App start time. Worth reading.

Implementing Google Voice Actions into Your Android App

A guide on how to integrate the Google Now Voice actions API. This allow apps to response to the user’s voice actions like: “Take a picture using MyApp”.

Having Trouble Focusing? A Primer on Focus in Android

A guide for supporting non-touch users and devices. This topic is usually ignored but can help improving accessibility in many scenarios.

Tips for Interface Builder

A short list of tips on working with IB. Including an additional link to 8 more tips/shortcuts for IB. Here is the second link: http://codesheriff.blogspot.co.il/2014/03/8-tips-for-working-effectively-with.html

Keeping Your Classes Shorter Than 250 Lines

Lately many people write about clean code and design. This guideline for keeping Classes short is a very interesting attempt to get it right. Since the SDK that is discussed in the post is open-source there are a lot of interesting examples. Worth reading!