Android Development with Kotlin – Jake Wharton

Kotlin is a relatively new programming language that runs on the JVM. It features some new enhancements that doesn’t exist in Java (6) and has the potential to make Android development much better. Null safety, Lambdas, Higher-Order Functions and Extension Methods to name a few. As always Jake Wharton from Square with a great 30 minutes video to bring you up to speed with why Kotlin is awesome and how to use it. To read Jake’s full analysis (with real Byte Code) use this:


Writing Clear Code, Not Clever Code

Simply put and very accurate. A short post clarifying why clear code is better than clever code. If you are not convinced just try to read code that you wrote 12 months ago…
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Rethinking iOS App Architecture Using a One Way Data Flow

This short video (9 minutes) from Square demonstrating a new idea for an iOS App Architecture. Having one way data flow simplifies a lot of the design decisions. Worth checking out.

Android Testing (Android Dev Summit 2015)

A talk from the Android Dev Summit on best practices for testing Android applications. Check out the new approach of using “build flavors” to provide mocks. All the source code is available in the Codelabs.

Why Spinlocks Are Bad On iOS

Starting with what are Spinlocks how they work and when you should avoid them (usually). Although this is iOS specific the discussion is mostly relevant for all platforms.

iOS – Little things that can make your life easier in 2016

Awesome list pf tips and tricks to make your iOS development experience better. Including: advanced breakpoints and Xcode plugins,

Help developers with custom Lint rules

I’ve been waiting for someone to write on custom Lint rules for a while now. This post shows how to build custom Lint rules. Apparently it’s easy and there are companies that are already doing that as a method to enforce coding standards. I’m guessing that this will become a standard in a few years.

Why would I want to fitsSystemWindows?

Ian Lake (Android Developer Advocate at Google) with an in-depth analysis of how to play nice with the Android System Windows (Status-bar and Navigation-bar). Including all the details on how to “use the system” to get the desired results and links to sample code that shows many common UI patterns like (Collapsing Toolbar, NavigationView etc,)
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Test automation for iOS

A summary of testing practices at Blacklane. Including details on how they do: Unit testing, Integration testing, Functional testing, Acceptance or end-to-end testing.