Welcoming our new Swift 2.2 Overlords

Apple just released Xcode 7.3 Beta and Swift 2.2. Read this review to learn about the most important changes. For example: the “++” and “—” operators are deprecated…

Welcoming our new Swift 2.2 Overlords


Serialization performance (Android Performance Patterns Season 4 ep14)

A new video from the Android Performance Patterns Season. This one is all about Serialization. Including tips, best practices and recommendations on which serialization library is best for Android apps (FlatBuffers).

How Often Should You Update Android Studio?

Read this and you’ll know what are the differences between the different Android Studio versions and how to use the latest “preview” version alongside the stable version.
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Fixing Spaghetti: How to Work With Legacy Code

One of the best posts about “legacy code”. Starts with defining what is spaghetti/legacy/bad code. Then why to avoid the “Big rewrite”. Finally concluding with how to fix it. The best take away IMO is The Boy Scout Rule: “Every time you are in the code base, leave the code cleaner than you found it.”

iOS App Performance: Instruments & beyond

Everything you need to know about iOS apps performance. From Xcode instruments tools to measuring responsiveness, startup time and many more tips.
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Performance instrumentation for Android apps

Collecting performance data for production apps is a difficult problem. Specifically if the goal isn’t to measure one or two flows. The FB team shares the elegant solution they implemented to measure performance while keeping the code base clean and maintainable. Spoiler: ByteCode manipulation. Must read.

J2ObjC – Java to iOS Objective-C translation tool and runtime.

This is cool. A command-line tool from Google that translates Java source code to Objective-C for the iOS. When is the Swift translation tool coming?

CocoaPods App 1.0

A few weeks ago the CocoaPods developers released a new Mac app. At the moment the app allows editing of Pod files and easy access to common commands (i.e. pod update).

Knuff – The debug application for Apple Push Notification Service (APNs).

A small open source project for debugging Push Notifications (iOS). Instead of writing python scripts…