Flux and Android

Flux is the application architecture that Facebook uses for building client-side web applications. This post is about migrating Flux to Android. The end result includes Dagger 2 for dependency injection, Otto for Publisher/Subscriber bus and Butterknife for view injection. The post also includes a lot of links on these libraries. Very interesting.


Interesting news: kik, left-pad, and npm

The most discussed story of this week was the npm left-pad story. A VERY popular JavaScript lib that many open source projects depend on was unpublished from npm (Click the link to read why). Many projects started failing. npm responded quickly and life became normal again. Although this isn’t related to Mobile development I think it’s very interesting. This is the official blog post from npm.

Outlets: Strong! Or Weak?

Outlets in Swift were also a hot subject this week. Apple recommends using an implicitly unwrapped optional while developers started hitting edge-cases and flows where this isn’t the best solution. This post reviews the alternatives and when to use them. It’s short and clear.

5 tips for preparing for Multi-Window in Android N

The very first details from a Googler on how the new Multi-window mode will behave. This link include tips on how to prepare for the Android N launch. It’s always smart to start adjusting projects early.
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Analyse data flows without the debugger – Android Studio Tip

I analyze data flows manually using “Find usage” and “Jump to definition”. I’m embarrassed because there are apparently better, automatic ways to do that: “Analyze data flow to/from here.” I bet that these will save a lot of time to a lot of people.
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Common questions on AsyncTask

Colt McAnlis answers some of the most common questions about AsyncTasks. For example: “Should I use a WeakReference to the activity?”. Must read for Android developers.
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Bringing Peek and Pop to all iOS users

A Swift framework that brings the Peek & Pop functionality to all devices. On non-3d-touch enabled devices it observes for changes in the surface area of the touch event. On new devices it uses Apple’s native implementation. A really cool idea.
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Random Musings on the N Developer Preview – The CommonsBlog

The new Android Preview version (N) came early this year and it includes a lot of changes. Some are well documented like the multi window support while others are less known like the PointerIcon hook. This is a very thorough review and it is updated as more information is available.

Writing More Code by Writing Less Code with Android Studio Live Templates

If you don’t know what are Live Templates or you are not using them, click this link. This is one of the best productivity tips: saves a ton of time and eliminates potential bugs.
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Good questions about Loaders all around! I’ll see if I can answer each in turn.

A few weeks ago I shared a link to Ian Lakes post about Android Loaders. This time he tries to answer some of the questions that surfaced after his previous post. An interesting read.
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