Best Practices for Android Developer Productivity — Medium

A great overview of best practices for Android developers.

Source: Best Practices for Android Developer Productivity — Medium


Top 3 Android Studio Shortcuts – Paul

Keyboard shortcuts makes everything easier. This is the first post in a series of posts about Android Studio Shortcuts, just click on the next post (bottom of the page). To be honest, I didn’t know a lot of them, for example: “Go to next Error” = F2.

Source: Top 3 Android Studio Shortcuts – Paul

What’s new in Android development tools – Google I/O 2016 – YouTube

There were a lot of interesting sessions in Google I/O. The full playlist is available on youtube. I find this one mandatory. It’s a fast tour of all the latest and greatest changes to the development tools.

What’s New in Android Studio 2.0

Google recently released Android Studio 2.0 to the stable channel and it is now officially ready for production use. The new version has many new features and upgrades, most notably a new FAST emulator. Click to read all the details.

What’s New in Android Studio 2.0

(About) 10 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know You Could do in Android Studio

Reto Meier (Android Developer Advocate @ Google) with a list of tips and tricks for Android Studio + lot’s of keyboard shortcuts. I like keyboard shortcuts. The post includes GIF samples and a video as well.
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How Often Should You Update Android Studio?

Read this and you’ll know what are the differences between the different Android Studio versions and how to use the latest “preview” version alongside the stable version.
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Android Studio 2.0 Preview

A new major version of Android Studio is now available. Although it’s a preview version it’s still worth testing. Instant Run seems like a killer feature which will save everyone a lot of time.

Layout Editor (Ep 3, Android Studio)

Short video with mostly basic stuff but wait for the last tip: overriding values for design time only using “tools:” attributes. This is really neat and solves a couple of annoying problems.