Thomas Nield: When Not to Use RxJava

RxJava has been around for while now and there are a lot of tutorials and examples online. There are not a lot of posts about when and where not to use RxJava. This is really interesting as with every new technology, we usually over-use it in the beginning and only later realize it’s benefits and disadvantages. Including lots of code samples.

Source: Thomas Nield: When Not to Use RxJava


Episode 17: Introduction to RxJava for Android Developers

A free short intro video to RxJava for Android developers. There are a lot of posts about RxJava and Android, if you just want to see RxJava in action, this video is for you. It shows an AsyncTask example and how to transform the AsyncTask code to use RxJava features.

Our journey from standard Activities and AsyncTasks to a modern MVP-based architecture powered by RxJava.

Read how ribot transformed their Android architecture from the basics Activities/AsyncTasks to a modern MVP architecture. A great read.
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Party tricks with RxJava, RxAndroid & Retrolambda

A short post full with code samples on how to use the latest Rx (Reactive Extensions) libraries for writing clearer code.