Debugging Android Applications

These slides are full with valuable information for debugging Android apps. For example: debugging the fragments lifecycle with the FragmentManager debugging option and how to stop the program execution and wait for the debugger for effective debugging . Click the link for more.


How I got better at debugging

I think that debugging is hard for all new developers. Especially if the problem isn’t easy and it takes hours or days. This short story conveys the message that after some practice, debugging is easier and sometimes even more challenging and rewarding than writing stuff from scratch.


IntelliJ/AndroidStudio plugin which provides a button to connect your Android device over WiFi to install, run and debug your applications without a USB connected.

Quick Look Debugging – NSHipster

Lastly a short review of Xcode Quick Look option and how to (quickly) add custom quick looks for your classes.

Stetho – A debug bridge for Android applications

An interesting project by Facebook that allows debugging Android Apps using Chrome Developer Tools. Among the features this is a easy nice way to debug network requests (taking a different approach compared to the link above).