Gradle tips & tricks to survive the zombie apocalypse

The Android build tools update regularly. This is an up-to-date list of tips and tricks. Don’t miss!
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First Look at New Android Gradle Build Tools: The new DSL structure and Gradle 2.5

During I/O, Google revealed that there is going to be a new major version to the Android Gradle Plugin which will include changes to the DSL (and performance enhancements). This is a preview post on what’s coming in the future with some concrete examples.

Gradle tip #2: understanding syntax

Ever tried to reason with Android’s Gradle build scripts. This post will help you sort out all the groovy syntax that never really made sense. Including Closures and the overall script architecture.

Gradle for Android and Java

For a deep dive on the Android build system (including product flavors) head to this new FREE course about Android’s build system.–ud867