Xcode Visual Memory Debugger

One of the new tools inside Xcode 8 is the Visual Memory Debugger. Detecting retain cycles just became easy.

Source: Xcode Visual Memory Debugger


Technical Note TN2434: Minimizing your app’s Memory Footprint

This detailed guide provides a walkthrough of the steps to profile your app’s memory usage in Xcode. Using Instruments Allocations tool, tracking memory allocations and tracing back to the source code.

Source: Technical Note TN2434: Minimizing your app’s Memory Footprint

Automatic memory leak detection on iOS

The Facebook guys have done it again. This time they built a runtime automatic memory leak detection library. FBAllocationTracker tracks all allocated Objective-C objects. FBRetainCycleDetector detects retain cycles in runtime. FBMemoryProfiler uses both to allow browsing objects in memory and detecting leaks in real time.

A small leak will sink a great ship

More on memory issues, this one is from Square describing how they analyzed and fixed a memory leak in the Picasso library. One interesting discovery was that prior to Android Lollipop, alert dialogs may cause memory leaks in your Android apps.

Why you should start using @weakify and @strongify macros

A short post about breaking retain cycles. Using the @weakify and @strongify macros makes the code much more clean and ensures that others don’t need to think how and what they use.

LeakCanary: Detect all memory leaks!

The folks at Square just released a memory leak detection library for Android (and Java). It’s open source of course and will help you catch leaks in real time. The integration takes one line of code and adding the necessary dependencies.

Notes taken while looking into memory issues on low-RAM devices

These year old notes include a lot of handy details about memory management on Android. In the beginning expect details on how the Android OS manages memory across processes followed by methods to analyze memory usage and tips on how to implement the memory warnings callbacks in your app.

Java Memory Model Pragmatics

A long talk about Java memory model pragmatics. I admit I’m only half way but I’m already very impressed. This is the kind of stuff that will grow your skills. Not only for Java developers.