Exceed the Android Speed Limit! — Google Developers — Medium

If you never heard of the 16ms per frame rule you need to read this post. Seriously. The short version: our eyes and brain “think” that motion is smooth when 60 frames are rendered every second. Every app needs to render frames fast to deliver this experience. Even if you are familiar with the rule, this is a great reminder on why it is important.

Source: Exceed the Android Speed Limit! — Google Developers — Medium


Friday Q&A 2016-04-15: Performance Comparisons of Common Operations, 2016 Edition

A very detailed comparison of common operations on a Mac and an iPhone including: copying memory, arithmetic operations, IO operations and more. Most of us don’t really know the cost of each of these operations. Spoiler: it seems that these days the iPhone can match the Mac performance on some of these at least.

Improving Startup Time in the NYTimes Android App

The story of improving the NYTimes application startup time from 5.6 seconds to 1.6 seconds. Lots of interesting stuff: removing Groovy, reflection and using custom type adapters with Gson..
From the NYTimes Android team.

iOS App Performance: Instruments & beyond

Everything you need to know about iOS apps performance. From Xcode instruments tools to measuring responsiveness, startup time and many more tips.
View story at Medium.com

Android – Speed up your app

This post (and video) covers most of the profiling tools available today for Android developers – including specific examples. You can watch the video (from DroidCon 2015 NYC) or just read the post. Screenshots and links to demo projects included.

Reducing FOOMs in the Facebook iOS app

A great walkthrough by Facebook on what they did to reduce the number of out of memory issues in the Facebook iOS app.

Streamlining Android Apps Tech Talks

2 tech talks from Square. The first video, by Jake Wharton, is a must. He reviews a few code samples, suggests improvements and the best part is that he spells out the pros and cons for every improvement. (Includes some basic info on how the Java VM implements method calls).

Android Performance – Udacity

A new Udacity course by Google. The videos are brief and to the point. It covers the most common performance issues, how to detect and analyze these issues and how to solve them. All the information in this course is already available online in different forms but the course makes it very easy to learn the basics of Android performance.