Use tasks to bring the stories to you

Another great tip for Android Studio users. This one is about integration with tasks management tools (i.e. JIRA, Github). After a short configuration many common tasks like creating a branch for every task and updating status will be very easy. The bonus, switching between tasks becomes painless.
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Analyse data flows without the debugger – Android Studio Tip

I analyze data flows manually using “Find usage” and “Jump to definition”. I’m embarrassed because there are apparently better, automatic ways to do that: “Analyze data flow to/from here.” I bet that these will save a lot of time to a lot of people.
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Building Android Apps — 30 things that experience made me learn the hard way

An impressive list of tips with relevant links. It addresses every aspect of application development from Networking, Multidexing and Rx to Architecture, CI and tools. Read and Bookmark for future use!
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Non-suspending breakpoints in Android Studio

This is the BEST TIP I’ve seen in a while. Here is why: most of us spend a lot of time repeating these actions: try to understand why something isn’t working, add more logs, build, deploy, repeat. Using non-suspending breakpoints you can add/modify log prints without building and deploying again.. Good luck!

Android Studio Tips and Tricks

Another great post with tips and tricks for Android Studio. I didn’t know that you can test regex in the editor. Make sure you check the Blog archive for more great posts.

Android Development Tidbits // No. 2

This is the second post in a series of Android development tips. Quick read and very useful. Check out the first post too (link in the beginning of this post).

Android Development Tidbits // No. 2