WWDC 2016 Retrospective – Ole Begemann

A great summary for WWDC, including all the important announcements, recommended sessions and more. Must read if you are building an iOS app.

Source: WWDC 2016 Retrospective – Ole Begemann


Lister (for watchOS, iOS, and OS X)

Apple released all the code samples that were used during WWDC sessions. Apple described Lister as “A document based productivity app that showcases important features in iOS 9, OS X 10.11, and watchOS 2.0 including embedded frameworks, UI extensions, and other modern Cocoa features and design patterns.”
The good news, you get two copies, one in ObjC and one in Swift!

watchOS 2.0 tl;dr

A great summary about all the new things in watchOS 2.0. Including a new architecture and API. On the right side you’ll find more posts about building apps for watchOS 2.0.

Protocol-Oriented Programming in Swift – WWDC Video

Following the initial reaction of this session viewers it was replayed on the last day of the conference. It’s a fast and funny session about Protocol-Oriented-Programming and Value types which are two core ideas in Swift’s design. You don’t need to be a Swift or iOS developer to watch and appreciate this.

Profiling in Depth – WWDC Video

A great session about profiling with Xcode 7. The story: rewriting the Xcode’s time profiler TrackView. Starting with an underperforming view and improving it by profiling again and again. Includes disassembly (just a little) and some notions about compiler optimizations.