Xcode Visual Memory Debugger

One of the new tools inside Xcode 8 is the Visual Memory Debugger. Detecting retain cycles just became easy.

Source: Xcode Visual Memory Debugger


iOS 10 Screencast: Thread Sanitizer

Another great addition to Xcode 8 is the Thread Sanitizer. It automatically detects race conditions (multiple threads reading/writing to the same memory).

Source: iOS 10 Screencast: Thread Sanitizer

Xcode Search: the Hidden Gems

If you are using Xcode you probably use cmd+shit+f all the time to find text in files. Apparently there a lot of hidden options in the search tool that can help you search for patterns, search in different scopes, search for definitions and also search and see call hierarchy. Tips.

iOS – Little things that can make your life easier in 2016

Awesome list pf tips and tricks to make your iOS development experience better. Including: advanced breakpoints and Xcode plugins,

Quick Look Debugging – NSHipster

Lastly a short review of Xcode Quick Look option and how to (quickly) add custom quick looks for your classes.


A must read (and print). Tips and tricks for Xcode. You probably know some/most of them but there is a good chance that you’ll find at least one handy trick.

Swift 1.2 and Xcode 6.3 beta – Apple Developer Blog

Official news about the new beta version of Swift from Apple.
“Swift 1.2 is a major step forward … It does include some source-incompatible changes that require updates to your code,”