Why Singletons Are Controversial

An old post about Singletons. It describes very accurately what are the potential issue of (ab)using Singletons.


Android Support Annotations

This support library has been overlooked by many (including me) since it doesn’t add functionality, at least not in the usual way. This link has all the details about when and how to use it. Including annotations for: protecting null pointers, resources types, calls on a specific thread and more.

Strings in Swift 2

A new post on Apple’s Swift blog about the changes in the underling implementation of String in Swift 2. It’s an interesting read because it sheds some light on why the Swift programmers made their design decisions the way they did.

Cache Me If You Can

A nice post on how to cache application data with NSCoding. Sometimes there is no real need for CoreData and using a simple cache will do the job with much less friction.

Put your UIViewController on a diet

A post about redesigning a UIViewController by breaking and separating it’s roles. Including a nice Interface Builder trick.

Shared Breakpoints

A nice tip on how to share breakpoints with your team. The best part is the link to a list of useful breakpoints that you can import. Things like calling [UIView animateWithDuration] not from the main thread… Don’t miss.

First Look at New Android Gradle Build Tools: The new DSL structure and Gradle 2.5

During I/O, Google revealed that there is going to be a new major version to the Android Gradle Plugin which will include changes to the DSL (and performance enhancements). This is a preview post on what’s coming in the future with some concrete examples.

We’ve Got You Covered

A great overview of one of the new features in Xcode 7, in-line display of code coverage metrics. Including details on how to turn it on in Xcode and what’s under the hood.