Properly Typed Selectors in Xcode 7.3 beta 4

Starting with Xcode 7.3 (Beta 4) selectors can be checked in compile-time and not run-time using the #selector expression. This ensures that if someone changes the name of a method (that is referenced by a selector somewhere in the code) the code will not compile. This post will show you how to use it. Don’t miss the comments.


What is NSUserDefaults?

Everything you need to know about NSUserDefaults. From the basics to advance info on multi-process behavior and performance. If you use NSUserDefaults you probably want to read this one.

10x engineer

In the last few weeks I sent a couple of posts on how one can become a successful developer, this is another post in the series. It lists simple attributes that every great developer should have and is a good opportunity to review your strengths and weaknesses.
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#SmallerAPK, Part 1: Anatomy of an APK

Part 1 of what seems to be a very interesting series of posts on how to reduce the size of the Android APK file. This part includes an introduction to the APK file content and layout and how to compress the file to a smaller size. Many Android developers don’t know this stuff but it’s essential for solving real life problems, the DEX 65K method limit is just one example.
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How to Level up as a Developer

Will Hughes interviewed some of the most productive engineers at Facebook in order to find an underlying structure for how these developers operated at peak productivity. This post is full with tips that will help you be a better developer. Don’t miss!
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Making Badass Developers – Kathy Sierra (Serious Pony) keynote – YouTube

A very interesting video with real life examples on how our mind works. You’ll see examples for tasks that consume “cognitive resources” and the impact to your decisions and work. Really interesting!

EarlGrey – iOS Functional UI Testing Framework

This week Google open sourced a new iOS Functional UI testing framework – EarlGrey. EarlGrey works in conjunction with the XCTest framework and integrates with Xcode’s Test Navigator so you can run tests directly from Xcode. Promising..

Improving Startup Time in the NYTimes Android App

The story of improving the NYTimes application startup time from 5.6 seconds to 1.6 seconds. Lots of interesting stuff: removing Groovy, reflection and using custom type adapters with Gson..
From the NYTimes Android team.

Kotlin awesome tricks for Android

This week the Kotlin (java based) language finally reached version 1.0. Many published posts about the benefits of using Kotlin for Android development. I’ll share some of these posts in the upcoming weeks. To build your appetite I decided to start with a list of tricks for Android developers.

Kotlin awesome tricks for Android

Building Android Apps — 30 things that experience made me learn the hard way

An impressive list of tips with relevant links. It addresses every aspect of application development from Networking, Multidexing and Rx to Architecture, CI and tools. Read and Bookmark for future use!
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