Android Development Patterns

This is a new series of short videos by the Android Advocates at Google sharing some best practices for Android development.


Advanced Touch Handling in iOS9: Coalescing and Prediction

The iPad Pro (+Apple Pencil) and iOS 9.0 introduced some advancements in touch handling. The main goal is to reduce latency and provide better user experience. This post demonstrates how to use the new API. Including great code samples.

Why Iā€™m not enabling Bitcode

Apple announced Bitcode (IL) earlier this year. This post will teach you everything you need to know about the pros and cons of using Bitcode. Including an overview of binaries packaging mechanics and security aspects.
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A Better Way to Automatically Merge Changes in Your XCode Project Files

Mergepbx is a tool for merging Xcode project files automatically. Also included are instructions on how to setup git to automatically use Mergepbx when merging *.pbxproj files.
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Android ā€“ How to write Batman like xml layout

Pro tips for Android developers. You’ll learn the small tricks that will make your layout files better. Code samples included so you can read and start using these tips immediately.

Android – How to write Batman like xml layout

Droidcon NYC 2015 – Bulletproof Android

Android apps are very vulnerable. This session includes lots of technicals details on what you should and shouldn’t do. Including real-world code examples from apps.

Let’s Play: Refactor the Mega Controller!

Andy Matuschak is known for his great session “Advanced iOS Application Architecture and Patterns” (WWDC 2014). This time he refactors a ViewController live. The most interesting bits are when he shares his thoughts on why/how things should be decoupled. A great video.

Party tricks with RxJava, RxAndroid & Retrolambda

A short post full with code samples on how to use the latest Rx (Reactive Extensions) libraries for writing clearer code.

Android Testing Support Library

The Android Testing Support Library new homepage. You’ll find documentation, a nice cheat sheet and links to sample projects.